What We Do

Through our audit process, HGI’s advisors conduct analysis to determine our client exposures for Economic Loss. Once completed, we carefully review the existing insurance portfolio against our risk assessments to determine whether or not there are gaps in coverage, uninsured exposures or duplication of coverages. The exposure matrix is provided to our clients with recommendations on closing the gaps.

In addition to the above, we are professional buyers of insurance on behalf of our clients. If it is determined that the client is investing more in premium than the exposure warrants, HGI’s professionals will prepare formal bid specifications which will not only highlight the needed coverages, we will request alternative quotations for cost saving approaches such as higher retentions, self insurance or even loss cap protection.

Return on Investment

Very few vendors or service providers actually create windfalls for their clients. HGI, in most cases, not only saves our clients substantial premium dollars, in most cases our fees represent only a fraction of the ultimate savings thereby creating a windfall for the client. Each year under retainer we provide our clients with stewardship reports, highlighting the fee offsets by savings created throughout the year.

Sample Client Recapitulation

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